About Us

RUE de LUX is a boutique property development and management firm built on a passion for real estate, architecture and design. We specialize in the renovation of private homes in Toronto’s most exclusive neighborhoods, setting a new standard in urban living and residential rentals. Coupling exquisite design with the privacy of a residential community, RUE de LUX rentals deliver an attractive alternative to the city’s escalating number of high-rise condominiums. For those seeking unique residential rentals, to those who wish to build or renovate their own properties, RUE de LUX has a full range of services to offer.

No detail or luxury spared, RUE de LUX takes great pride in designing each residence, from bespoke kitchens and private terraces, to contemporary appointments. We are committed to providing more then just an address. We provide a lifestyle.


RUE de LUX offers exquisite rental residences within the most vibrant and walkable neighbourhoods Toronto has to offer. We are always interested in expanding our rental offerings for potential tenants and are pleased to offer our development expertise to those taking on a new building project. If you would like to list and manage your property with RUE de LUX, or are seeking advice for a new renovation or development, please contact us to arrange a property assessment.

RUE de LUX properties are developed with the utmost attention to detail, quality, design, and workmanship. Our team of architects, contractors, tradespeople, and managers are able to assist you in the development of your property project. From site selection and acquisition, to renovation conceptualization, design, plans, and construction, a RDL specialist will assist you at every stage.

Contact us to start discussing your development project.

RUE de LUX specializes in a full-range of property management and maintenance services. Our property manager handles all property maintenance services on behalf of Landlords and takes care of requested repairs from Tenants. For all major repairs, we consult the owner with the estimated costs for approval. We coordinate all activities related to the specifics of that property. Our team of contractors and tradespeople are available to provide you with outstanding quality. RUE de LUX can be called on for emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on our rates, contact us today to arrange a complimentary review of your property needs.